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[ NNSquad ] FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tells Silicon Valley He's Open To Obama Net Neutrality Plan

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tells Silicon Valley He's Open To Obama Net
Neutrality Plan

(Huffington): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/12/tom-wheeler-net-neutrality_n_6146720.html

   "On Monday, President Barack Obama went public with his support of an
    aggressive approach to protecting net neutrality. Shortly after that,
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler told a
    gathering of business representatives and public interest groups that
    he was taking the president's comments under advisement and that he
    would need the groups' support in the coming fight over net
    neutrality, according to multiple sources in the meeting.  The sources
    said that Wheeler did not, as had been reported earlier, say that he
    had decided to go in a different direction from what the White House
 - - -

This report contradicts a report from earlier today regarding the
same meeting. This one suggests Wheeler may agree with Obama's net
neutrality plan. The previous one suggested that Wheeler opposed it.
You decide.

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