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[ NNSquad ] How do I detect connection disruption by my IAP?

I have Comcast as my Internet access provider.  I've been sending large
messages regularly via Gmail (almost daily for a couple of years).  I sent a
message without problem Monday through Wednesday.

This morning I tried to send a message and it failed five times.  The
attachment is large, but a little smaller than yesterday.  The error was:

Oops... a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#001) (Similar
error if I try to "save" the message.)

The five send failures and save failure were with Firefox, my standard
browser.  Then I tried from IE and the message was sent.  Then it failed again
from Firefox.  (Chance?  Coincidence?  Time-outs somewhere?  I'd love to
construct a formal experiment with multiple computers, different browsers and
add-ons, and stop-watch controlled timing intervals.  Unfortunately, I have a

How can I tell whether there is a problem with Google today, some issue "out
on the Internet", a Firefox problem, or whether Comcast is messing with my

Are there any Windows XP tools to monitor my connections (either inside or out
of Firefox) to see if there was a forced close?

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