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[ NNSquad ] Re: How do I detect connection disruption by my IAP?

> You can download WireShark at www.wireshark.org for a packet
> capture and analysis program.  You'd need to know a bit about
> TCP/IP in order to make good use of it, but you can search for
> TCP packets with the RST bit set.  That would be a "forced"
> close.  You CAN get them from some valid destinations, but they
> should be rare, and should only happen at the end of a connection
> anyway.  A normal closure would be the use of the FIN flags.

 	Hi, All!

 	Is there a repository somewhere, where we can report our ISP, 
region, and filtering notes? I would assume there'd be a wiki somewhere.

 	I just popped in, and haven't read all of the archives yet. Feel 
free to flame me!


Drew from Zhrodague		http://www.WiFiMaps.com
drew@zhrodague.net		http://www.pghwireless.net

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