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[ NNSquad ] ICANN the root of the problem

Now, let me start by way of introduction - I joined this group because 
of the statement I see made on the home page, being the "Network 
Neutrality Squad (NNSquad) is an open-membership, open-source effort, 
enlisting the Internet's users to help keep the Internet's operations 
fair and unhindered from unreasonable restrictions".

I call ICANN the root of the problem for all things Internet.  The DNS 
is a fundamental protocol that must be liberated before people can take 
control of any other parts of the networks.  ICANN fits the NNSquad bill 
of things to be replaced.  ICANN is unfair, hindered and makes 
unreasonable restrictions.  It also is the biggest joke on the 
Internet.  Years ago when ICANN started it claimed it was a monopoly.  
Many participants actually believed the monopoly line.

But this false monopoly is today an international insider joke.  Because 
of ICANNs failure to recognize the Internet is controlled from the 
outside in, that is end user control, it has caused the net to 
fracture.  There are now some 16 roots operational on the Internet 
today.  These are major root system that have caused the ICANN single 
root footprint to be seriously compromised. 

These past few years have seen ICANNs false monopoly lose some 70 
million users.  At least 50 million were lost in China to the Chinese 
Government MII root effort, then we have a number of participating Arab 
countries who run the Arab Domain Consortium.  A large portion of the 
pacific rim is under the i-dns root system.  Recently I think there was 
a Bulgarian initiative to launch multinational TLDs in Bulgaria.  And so 
on and so forth.

There has also been a lot of fraud in these fractures.  People who think 
they can run roots and have no idea how to even keep them synced with 
each other.  Much of it has become a comedy of errors over in Europe.  
At one time the Turkish Internet was run by a con artist convicted of 
tax fraud, known to the police, who was once arrested for running a drug 
lab in the Netherlands.  The government of Turkey was behind the 
initiative.  Once the news was out that the Turkish internet was in the 
hands of a con man heads rolled at the Turkish government and 
communications authority.

The Turkish Internet root is now run by a company calling itself the 
UnifiedRoot.  There was a well known open source guy named Jon "MadDog" 
Hall behind them.  But now two of their investors are under 
investigation for tax evasion and another one of them has perjured 
himself in the press.  Poor Jon got a black eye out of that.

And even ICANN has participated in the fraud.  Their biggest root 
operator - Paul Vixie - also caused a root fracture by joining the Open 
Root Server Network in Europe.  He now is a root operator with them and 
provides basically the same service as he does for the IANA/ICANN root.  
I noticed Vint Cerf is on this list maybe he can tell us about the 
telephone call he had with Vixie when he made that move.  I understand 
it was interesting and heated.  But the bottom line there was that even 
an ICANN insider ended up fracturing the root system.

The world is in desperate need of an honest one root system that is open 
and inclusive to all stakeholders on the Internet.  An open source 
approach to distributed control of critical Internet infrastructure.  
The experiment I ran in europe shoed that people and companies want the 
ability to control ones own network at the root DNS level.

Until that is done, this mess ICANN has created, being the root 
fractures will result in more and more violations of IETF RFC 2826.  
This violation of the public root concept of one root is causing a 
significant error load on the legacy root servers.  The last time I had 
statistics to examine back in 2003 I found the root servers were 
experiencing a heavy traffic load of 98% error rate.  This is 
significant and reflects the many root fractures caused by ICANN.  This 
is what happens when the RFCs are broken by the biggest root of them all.

more details here ...


joe baptista

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