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[ NNSquad ] Expanding the struggle


this message is just to point out that a couple of daring people from Italy joined the list and would like to expand the struggle for network neutrality to the Old Continent (the one with too many former monopolist telcos).

Of course, I guess that we first have to agree on what network neutrality actually is - on the IGF(*) civil society list we're in the middle of a long thread with very different viewpoints. I think we all think we can recognize the usefulness of the principle, and its violations when we see them, but when it comes to writing down a general rule, it might not be so easy.

For example, depending on how you define it, your ISP filtering spam for you might be violating network neutrality. So I guess that issues of transparence, public scrutiny and opt-in/opt-out possibility by the final user would be a piece of the picture, as well as market shares and the process through which the decision to filter is taken. In any case, I look forward to the discussion.


(*) That's the UN Internet Governance Forum, just about to start in Rio de Janeiro.
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