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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast using Sandvine to Interfere with P2P

The use of TCP RST packets to kill undesirable traffic is actually very efficient compared to per-flow measurement and prioritization, because it can be done with very little work on the part of the filtering software. I'd suggest reading the following article about the "Great Firewall of China" for an understanding of why this technique is so low-cost, since the same approach is used by that system. Essentially, it avoids the need for memory and computation at the detection point, which prioritization would require. Thus Sandvine or whomever provides the system can provide it at "wirespeed" with very little hardware.


Of course, I'm not making a moral judgement. Per-flow prioritization might indeed be more "equitable" according to those who think that bittorrent users are "abusive" according to some "moral" judgement according to their religious beliefs. But if you want an efficient and nearly costless way to muck with end-user traffic, you can't beat the RST technique.