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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comments on NNSquad Purpose

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 15:03 -0800, John Pettitt wrote:
> The next question is do we look at by protocol - it's unclear if Comcast 
> et al. would start throttling bandwidth if I downloaded streaming 
> content all day from Amazon unbox or a similar service.  If they do, and 
> they are not just hitting BitTorreent, then it's clear they are 
> penalizing usage which as long as they disclose it and apply it evenly 
> seems reasonable.  I just got back from Australia and almost all ISP's 
> there have download caps of some sort, it's not perfect but not too bad 
> if you know what your limits are.

Reasonably priced Australian broadband options tend to either have
bandwidth caps (with throttling to modem speed after you've passed it)
or a per-gigabyte fee.

In some cheap plans, the per-gigabyte fee is punitive, but in slightly
higher-grade plans, it's often very reasonable.

http://bc.whirlpool.net.au lets you search the broadband services
available in Australia.

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