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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast limits on outbound e-mail traffic?

On 11/12/07, Lauren Weinstein <lauren@vortex.com> wrote:
> Over on the NNSquad Forum, a poster is claiming that Comcast enforces a
> "secret" limit of 50 outbound e-mails per some (undisclosed) period of time
> for residential (presumably dynamic IP address) subscribers
> ( http://forums.pfir.org/main/messages/714/777.html ).

I have posted a response to this on the forum. It's not a "secret" but
it is also not plainly disclosed in the Help files or FAQ. It has been
mentioned several times in the Email section of  Comcast's Support

WRT Net Neutrality, every smtp system has its limits. If they are not
set by the admin or the smtpd software, then they are set by the
physical limits of the server.  While I wish it was disclosed better
than it is, I don't see this as a Net Neutrality issue at all.

See http://forums.pfir.org/main/messages/714/777.html for my reply.
Please reply there if you have anything to add.