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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast limits on outbound e-mail traffic?

Long ago when I used Comcast's outbound mail server I did run into such
limits. I don't have the exact details but switched to doing my outbound
mail then to DynDNS outbound mailhop service so I don't have recent

I plan to post my own attitude towards NN issues in the near future. I see
this as more peripheral to NN in that it is an optional service and there
are alternatives though the primary alternative -- sending one's own mail
directly is problematic since AOL and others treat user-originated mail as
spam so you pay a third party like DynDNS for vouching for you.

A problem with many service-provider mail relays is that they have naïve
authentication that depends on being directly connected thus you have to
make other arrangements when traveling anyway. This creates the problem of
hotels intercepting port 25 as a favor to you but a favor you often don't

A related problem is that we have chosen to use mail protocols -- especially
an addressing scheme that creates names relative to a service provider --
that make us unnecessarily dependent upon third parties and unnecessarily
inviting of spam.

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Subject: [ NNSquad ] Comcast limits on outbound e-mail traffic?

Over on the NNSquad Forum, a poster is claiming that Comcast enforces a
"secret" limit of 50 outbound e-mails per some (undisclosed) period of time
for residential (presumably dynamic IP address) subscribers
( http://forums.pfir.org/main/messages/714/777.html ).

Can anyone verify or provide more information on this matter or
similar limits, if actually present, at other ISPs?


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