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[ NNSquad ] Port blocking

On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 04:51:39PM -0500, Joe Baptista wrote:
> Likewise I understand the stresses on ISPs when it comes to oprt 25 and 
> spam.  Spam is still the most unifying force on the Internet and port 25 
> has alot of angry eyes eyballing it.

The strange thing to me is that most mailservers out there can use many
different blacklist that will easily block mail coming from "residential

Furthermore, lots of spamming attacks these days use vulnerable web
applications, bypassing that pesky restriction. Of course, the culprit
there are the people deploying those vulnerable applications as much as
the users leaving their compromised machines online. We could also say
that it is the responsability of the hosting provider to shut down those
vulnerable applications and the responsability of the ISP to shut down
those bots.

Either way, abuse from residential customers must be controlled, and
port blocking doesn't buy a lot in there.

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