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[ NNSquad ] Re: Neutrality in Perspective

Nick Weaver wrote:

The number of users who have a legitimate reason to operate a service
on port 25, or to receive traffic on the Windows ports, is ~.1% or

How about port domain name services on port 53. By the same rational as your using we might as well shut down port 53. There is always a constant movement trying to shut down port 53. Never really works out - lots of users against it - affects some services like VoiP - breaks alot of applications. But some ISPs have effectively shut down port 53. Have heard of some examples.

Of course I'm a port 53 fan myself. And I strongly support the port 25 crowd. I also believe I should have the right to run my own mail server. Using an ISPs mail servers is very primitive to a tech person. But I don't support port 25 on dynamic ip networks. Strong supporter of static IPv4 or IPv6.

Likewise I understand the stresses on ISPs when it comes to oprt 25 and spam. Spam is still the most unifying force on the Internet and port 25 has alot of angry eyes eyballing it.

joe baptista

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