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[ NNSquad ] Re: "How to Patrol Your ISP"

On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 09:38:42AM -0800, Lauren Weinstein wrote:
> First, we need some writeups describing specific tests and
> parameters that users can employ, making use of various currently

It seems to me that -at least until the purpose-built tools can be developed- the tools would fall into two categories:  1) the tool used to generate the traffic or test a particular point of the ISP's functionality, and 2) the tool used to record or monitor the test run by tool #1.

For example, to run the test, I might use a script consisting of a series of 1) wget commands to pull files from various locations on the Internet.  Then, to record this, I have 2) MRTG running on my router and could set it to a sufficiently low interval for the data collection.

After that, there might exist the necessity for a third tool: 3) the tool that converts the data generated by tool #2 into a common format that can be used by whatever will collate the data into something usable by the group.

I would also imagine that different types of tests would require different formats for reporting.  The results from a scan using Nmap would necessarily be quite different than the data collected by MRTG in the example above.  Yet, both will likely be required, perhaps even in the same test.

> The project will take this data, and where deemed to be of sufficient
> quality, process it down to publicly usable forms, including the

This is all brainstorming in response to Lauren's e-mail, and this might be a bit in the future, but I am thinking that the project will need to run and maintain some sort of database.  This would need to provide anonymous (or at least easily-attainable) "author-style" access.  This access level would all people to contribute their results, but there would not be the chance that third-parties could go and edit others' results.


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