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[ NNSquad ] "How to Patrol Your ISP"

How about this for an initial game plan to get the ball rolling?

First, we need some writeups describing specific tests and
parameters that users can employ, making use of various currently
available open source tools, to begin measuring aspects of their
ISPs' performance.  Until more automated, purpose-built packages are
developed, this could still start bringing in some useful data.

Writeups should be detailed and written for at least two levels of
user experience at such activities, e.g. beginner and expert.  These
need to describe both the tests to perform and the data to 
collect -- they shouldn't just be elaborated versions of man pages.

The writeups will specify the types of results (ISP baseline data,
performance anomalies or restrictions, etc.) that should be reported
back to the project, initially probably through the NNSquad Forum.
Again, automation of this process will of course be a longer term
goal.  As many datapoints from different participants will be
obtained as possible for each ISP and/or other reporting
characterization, especially when potentially "alarming" situations
may have been detected.

The project will take this data, and where deemed to be of sufficient
quality, process it down to publicly usable forms, including the
detailed data itself, summaries and analysis, and plain language
explanations for public information (media) and other releases.

Detailed data reports will also include information regarding the
confidence level associated with each data set, reflecting the
quantity of data from multiple reporting parties regarding the same
ISP/events, the experience level of the reporting parties, the
length of time they've been associated with the project, and other
associated parameters.

Your thoughts?


NNSquad Moderator