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[ NNSquad ] Re: Neutrality in Perspective


Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 09:51:52 -0800
From: "Nick Weaver" <nweaver@gmail.com>
Subject: [ NNSquad ] Re: Neutrality in Perspective
To: "Lauren Weinstein" <lauren@vortex.com>
Cc: nnsquad@nnsquad.org
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I must disagree.

Even the evil phone company offers business grade services where you
can run your own services, not have ports filtered, and get you people
with a remote clue on the other end of the line.

Yeaaaaa.... have you talked to the monkeys at the phone company lately?

I had said service a few years back... for 13months my line operated
flawlessly... then, sporadically to a final slam of a door my VPN tunnel to work would no longer function. I tracked and traced and tested for 3 months only
to finally end up with a technician in my apt with 4 "engineers" at Ameritch/SBC/ATT/WHOEVER_THE_HECK_THEY_ARE_THESE_DAYS on the phone.

My first question to the group was: "Does anyone here know anything about TCP/IP??"

I got 5/5 answers ---- "no".

So how am I supposed to troubleshoot a TCP/IP problem with a bunch of
top tier support guys who can't even spell it?

So much for my $65/month DSL line. (vs. the $15.95 they were offering to DSL/DHCP level customers)

In the end, it turned out to be a configuration that was made on a server
"somewhere", "someplace", "sometime last august"... no one knew for sure.

SBC's solution? *I* had to buy a different DSL/Modem (which meant switching
to one of their Routers from an Efficient Networks SpeedStream Modem which was working
in concert with my NetScreen 5xp (not your typical D-Link/NetGear/Linksys FW) flawlessly
until THEY broke things)

That was the end for me with SBC. The time I wasted doing their job for the additional
$x/month for my premium line.

fn:Ben Kamen
title:Electronics/Systems Design Engineer