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[ NNSquad ] Re: Privacy of raw data

Lauren I think it is very important to be wary of potential abuses. V

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Sent: Wed Nov 14 12:09:09 2007
Subject: [ NNSquad ]  Privacy of raw data

There's a point here that needs to be discussed early on.  While there
are folks posting incident reports on the NNS Forum already, and that
is likely to be the primary reporting mechanism at first, in the long
run when we're talking about large amounts of data -- and automated
data -- my view is that the raw data itself cannot be made public
without review and initial confidence characterization.

This project may be viewed with considerable disdain in some
quarters.  It is not unlikely that efforts will be made to discredit
the project by "seeding" it with falsified data with the intent that
such data be made public.

I dislike having to take this view right at the start, but I feel
that it is both logical and prudent, given the various forces 
in play.

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