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[ NNSquad ] Re: Characterizing broadband networks without client software

I agree.


What makes it especially interesting is the sense that broadband is provisioned using traditional network/telephony thinking. I’m trying to figure out how to articulate it but concepts like traffic shaping and even MPLS would seem to bias the network towards a particular kind of traffic. This is the insidious bias I’ve mentioned in the past. With the descriptions of the queue delays you get a sense that managing scarce resources that is deeply embedded and implicit in the psyche of these network planners. You also get a sense of the consequences of building on top of tradition networks as in the delays waiting for your slot in the TDM stream.


If you look at 3G cellular architecture (there was a fine issue of IEEE Communications on EVDO a while back) you see similar the policies built in below the IP layer that limit the use of the network as simple infrastructure.


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Wes Felter <wesley@felter.org>

> This paper appeared in this year's Internet Measurement Conference:

> Marcel Dischinger, Andreas Haeberlen, Krishna P. Gummadi, Stefan 

> Saroiu: Characterizing Residential Broadband Networks.

> http://www.imconf.net/imc-2007/papers/imc137.pdf


This very readable paper is a must see.  I urge all NNSquad

participants to give it a look ASAP.  Thanks, Wes!



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