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[ NNSquad ] Re: Speculation, how AT&T can implement "copyright filtering"

Kevin McArthur wrote:
Verizon: We don't want to play copyright cop on our network


Apparently not all carriers are so eager to start playing with intermediary liability.
now the conversation here on nnsquad has turned full circle... in the beginning of this list we discussed "common carrier" and "carrier immunity" from liability of content (porn or copyright).

again, carriers can't have it both ways: it's really simple, don't mess with my bits, or else you are liable for the content. don't mess with my bits means no packet forgery, and no disruption of payload bits. no packet forgery based on source or destination. no messing with protocol streams. and gawd, no inserting advertisments in web pages.

providers can shape the traffic, according to our agreed terms of service, but they must be clearly stated and agreed to. you can not shape by source or destination.

pretty simple.  tell me again, what is all the discussion about?