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[ NNSquad ] Re: Speculation, how AT&T can implement "copyright filtering"

IMO, third parties include the trade associations representing large
media conglomerates, primarily the M.P.A.A. and R.I.A.A., plus their
constituents. As Jake Ward, a spokesperson for the Digital Freedom
Campaign, says in a podcast to be published on Monday on my site,
www.managingrights.com, the trade associations are always trying
to get third parties to solve their piracy problems.

Bob Weber
www.managingrights.com and
Managing Director,
Strategy Kinetics, LLC

At 04:59 PM 1/31/2008, you wrote:
On Jan 31, 2008, at 2:57 PM, Brett Glass wrote:
At 11:04 PM 1/30/2008, Cliff Sojourner wrote:
tell me again, what is all the discussion about?

Apparently, it is about attempts to regulate the Internet. Not by providers, but by third parties who would like to regulate and micromanage ISPs.

Who are these "third parties" you keep trying to pin blame on? Is the NNSquad group a "third party"? From where I'm sitting it appears there are only two significant parties in this debate: ISPs and end users. Any government action to regulate ISPs is (or at least should be) undertaken on behalf of end users (i.e. citizens), and most of what's been tangibly proposed by members of this group and in similar forums is specifically intended to empower end users to make informed decisions.

Whether it's downloading via P2P, running their own mail server, or
operating a streaming webcam, end users are doing it because they want
to, usually for their own direct benefit -- not because they were
duped by some nefarious third party.  Obviously everyone here supports
blocking machines that have been hijacked, but that's not what we're
talking about;  the issue is whether it's okay for ISPs to hinder or
block intentional usage by their customers, and, specifically, whether
it's okay for them to take advantage of loopholes and/or ignorance to
do so without their customers knowing explicitly what's being done
(e.g. Comcast, BitTorrent, and RSTs).


 [ I'm going to approve a few rounds on this topic, mainly to allow list
   newcomers to see the recurring fireworks, then I'll clamp down again,
   never fear!

              -- Lauren Weinstein
                 NNSquad Moderator ]