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[ NNSquad ] Re: AT&T Filtering Plan Violates BellSouth Merger

> >    3) connect their choice of legal devices that DO NOT HARM THE  
> > NETWORK;  [emphasis added]
> If AT&T does go forward with their plan, it seems likely that this  
> portion of the agreement may be used to justify their actions.  

Such an argument might get some play if based solely on traffic
characteristics, but a considerable gulf will exist between any legit
"traffic shaping" concepts vs. actual blocking of user connections.
This issue is problematic enough, but will become vastly more
questionable if such decisions are based on the particular content
of data, not just on their traffic behaviors.  At that point, the
obvious retort will be that the actual concern is not protecting the
network, but rather -- for example -- protecting MPAA and RIAA

> This makes efforts to accurately characterize network filtering more  
> important than ever;  the more people who have tools in their hands to  
> see first-hand the effects of filtering, the more likely it is that  
> Comcast, AT&T, etc will be forced to be above board about any  
> mechanisms they deploy, and the more likely there is to be meaningful  
> public discussion and debate about these issues.

I hope to very shortly announce early beta availability of the first
NNSquad software tool for such purposes.

NNSquad Moderator