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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast Changes TOS In Response To Traffic Shaping Firestorm

On 02/08/2008 08:03 AM, Michael Eisenmenger wrote:
Well, that's not entirely true. Topolski e-mailed us this morning to note that Comcast has quietly implemented a new TOS <http://www6.comcast.net/terms/use/>, which includes an extensive section on network management and bandwidth limitations. The new revisions still lack any kind of specifics as to Comcast's monthly service cap, and of course they don't inform users that Comcast forges TCP connections to limit p2p connectivity. The new language is aimed largely at justifying Comcast's actions:
> [...]

[Late response... I've been out of town.]

How's this for irony? I'm a Comcast customer, so I tried to follow the above TOS link. And what is the page that comes up?...

! It's Time to Upgrade Your Browser

The web browser you're using to view web sites appears to be out-of-date. In order to enjoy everything Comcast.net has to offer, you need to use a modern, standards-compliant internet browser.
Why upgrade?

    * It's Faster
    * Better Security
    * New features
    * It's free

How to upgrade?

Click on one of the links to the right and download one of the browsers of your choice. Install the browser and follow instructions. If you cannot upgrade your browser now, you can still access Comcast.net, but you may not be able to fully use all features.

As it happens, I use Seamonkey, an up-to-date cross of Firefox and Thunderbird. On Linux. But of course that doesn't suit Comcast, who have now decided they can tell us what software we have to run, too (IE/Firefox*/Safari*). At least they are willing to let you use something other than IE, but they go on to say, "*Please note: While Comcast.net is viewable and fully functional in these browsers, Comcast Customer Care Account Executives are unable to answer questions or provide support for these browsers."

So Comcast won't even let me *look* at my TOS!

Dave Kristol