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[ NNSquad ] Re: "Deep Packet Inspection" Trade Group

At 07:26 PM 2/12/2008, Lauren Weinstein wrote:
>  [ Buzzzz!  Straw man alert triggered by above text ...  
>    All packet "inspections" are not created equal.  The issue 
>    in play is the "depth" and other parameters of any given 
>    inspection.  Shallow or deep?  Necessary or intrusive?  
>    Disclosed or secretive?  Legal or illegal?  The list goes on,
>    and involves not only technology and economics, but increasingly
>    politics as well.
>             -- Lauren Weinstein
>                NNSquad Moderator ]

I disagree; there's no straw man here. Some advocates of expanded definitions 
of "network neutrality," and also the group often referred to as "orthodox
end-to-endians," do not want even the header information to be considered 
by the network, especially when making decisions about traffic management,
throttling, port blocking, P2P mitigation, and/or abuse detection.

--Brett Glass

   [ Virtually any argument can be taken to extremes.  The point remains that
     there is a continuum of issues involved in packet inspections, and the
     acceptability of a particular type of inspection at one layer does not
     imply that other inspections at that or other layers are automatically
     themselves acceptable.

                -- Lauren Weinstein
                   NNSquad Moderator ]