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[ NNSquad ] L.A. Times: FCC may hold another hearing regarding Comcast, NN, etc.


    "... Last week, the company caused another stir when it paid
     passers-by to fill seats at a contentious Federal Communications
     Commission hearing where critics turned out in droves to complain
     about surreptitious tampering with their online activities."

    "... One of the first to spot the problem was former Los Angeles
     resident Robb Topolski, who now works as a software engineer in
     Oregon. When not picking apart computer systems, Topolski, 44,
     sings in a barbershop quartet and collects rare examples of the

     He tried to make his collection available via peer-to-peer
     networks, services that allow people to share content by
     connecting their computers online. Repeatedly, though,
     Topolski, a Comcast customer, found the connections being
     mysteriously terminated."

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