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[ NNSquad ] Tighter moderation policy -- Reminder re NNSquad Forum

Greetings.  Those few persons who have suggested to me that I
moderate this list too tightly will likely be disappointed, but I
hope that the majority of you will be pleased by the following.

While you never see the messages that are submitted to the list and
not distributed, the volume of such submissions that consist primarily
of often short back and forth arguing, cc'd to the list but not
appropriate for the list, has been rising sharply.

Even with messages that I do send out, I often have to deal with 
"I want to have the last word" submissions that will not meaningfully
advance discussions to areas where we haven't previously tread.

While I attempt to keep the dialogue balanced over the long run, not
every message is appropriate for a chain of "Romulan Right of
Statement" replies, and there are many busy people on this list who
simply do not have time for too much low signal/noise bickering. 

Therefore, while I will of course continue to forward messages that
I believe to be of general interest to the readership overall, I must
request that most of the spirited, more argumentative messages move
over to the NNSquad Forum ( http://www.nnsquad.org/forum ) which
exists specifically for this purpose and for other higher volume

I realize that most everyone prefers the soapbox of the mailing
list, but I really do have to draw the line on this, especially
since fairly soon we'll hopefully be moving more into an operational
phase rather than a purely discussion phase.

While the Forum is moderated, it is moderated with a much lighter hand,
and in general anything that is relevant, legal, and polite is fair
game there.  You can read and post anonymously, but if you're registered
you can also receive messages and reply to messages via e-mail, so you'd
only typically have to use the Web interface to start new threads.

Again, the NNSquad Forum URL is: http://www.nnsquad.org/forum .

Moving forward, a wider variety of messages submitted to the mailing
list are likely to receive "Good message for Forum" rejects, but
these are not thumbs-down evaluations on the messages' contents 
per se, but simply statements that the messages in question are more
appropriate for the Forum.  Particularly interesting or informative
Forum threads will naturally be noted in the mailing list.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this policy.

NNSquad Moderator