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[ NNSquad ] Re: BT [UK] calls for action on net speeds

A related issue is the simplistic design of most home router/firewall/access point boxes. Having a router than can do even simple traffic shaping (I use m0n0wall) can make a big different by prioritizing short upstream packets over long ones - without this web surfing while my wife is watching TV via Slingbox from Australia where she's visiting is horrible, with shaping it's no problem.


Andrew Burnette wrote:
Similarly, your chosen settings (tuned or not) and the default algorithms in control of your TCP stack significantly effect overall performance and throughput. (note the default TCP algorithm in linux 2.6 kernel alone has been changed three times that I recall).

Try any of the speedtest sites out there from different computers (OS type, or IP stack tuning) and you'll see statistically significant performance differences between them on identical test criteria.