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[ NNSquad ] DNS Diversion Test Available

Greetings.  After receiving a number of messages from persons asking
for a simple procedure to determine if their DNS queries were being
diverted, rather than actually reaching their specified DNS servers,
I've thrown together an extremely simple test that might be useful
for the moment.

Using your DNS query tool of choice (dig, nslookup, or ...), simply
query the zone:


at the DNS server:


Feel free to look at the full zone (AXFR) data if you wish, e.g.,
the shell command:

  dig @dns-test.nnsquad.org control.hq axfr

Since "control.hq" is obviously not a legitimate domain, you should
only receive the dummy data back for it if you are in direct contact
with the dns-test.nnsquad.org DNS server (assuming no devious
manual attempts to duplicate the data in outside DNS servers, and
I'll deal with that possibility later).

Again, this is just a quick hack, but please let me know if it
yields any interesting results.  Thanks.

NNSquad Moderator