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[ NNSquad ] Expected query output data for NNSquad DNS test zone

Greetings.  You can now find the expected output data for the NNSquad
"control.hq" DNS test zone ("control.hq" at DNS server
"dns-test.nnsquad.org") via:


This data will be changing at intervals so please always verify
any test results against the current data at this link.

Please also conduct both TCP and UDP DNS tests whenever possible, e.g:

TCP: dig @dns-test.nnsquad.org control.hq axfr

UDP: dig @dns-test.nnsquad.org control.hq
     dig @dns-test.nnsquad.org aardvark.control.hq
     dig @dns-test.nnsquad.org [other host entries]

For "dig" or "nslookup" tests properly conducted specifying the
"dns-test.nnsquad.org" DNS server, any variations from the ip
addresses shown via this link would tend to be "smoking gun"
indications of likely port 53 DNS diversions.  Please report all of
these to me.  Thanks.

NNSquad Moderator