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[ NNSquad ] Odlyzko on Net Neutrality, Google, etc.

Odlyzko on Net Neutrality, Google, etc.

For the record, I do not agree with Odlyzko's analysis suggesting
that "search neutrality" or "cloud computing dominance" issues are
likely to be viewed as "far more insidious" than ISP walled gardens
or similar non-neutral ISP network constructs.  Among other factors,
the fundamental truth remains that despite any perceived dominance
based on customer choices, switching to competing Web services
providers remains far more practical and cost effective than
switching ISPs, especially in the limited (or no) competition ISP
marketplace (for affordable Internet access service) with which most
U.S. customers must deal.

In essence, users can choose competitors to Google to a large extent
simply by changing a URL.  The ISP marketplace is far more constrained 
in many ways.


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