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[ NNSquad ] FCC's McDowell Addresses Broadband Issues at Heritage Foundation

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Subject: [IP] McDowell Addresses Broadband Issues at Heritage Foundation
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 11:43:15 -0400

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Subject: [Dewayne-Net] McDowell Addresses Broadband Issues at Heritage  


Federal Communications Commission member Robert McDowell spoke at a  
Heritage Foundation event Tuesday, presenting an overview of the  
Commission's recent work concerning broadband Internet services,  
addressing the issues of network management, cable franchising,  
spectrum auctions and spectrum management, deregulation of broadband  
services, and the debate over the US' broadband performance. On the  
topic of broadband data and national metrics for household  
connectivity, Commissioner McDowell cited a number of flaws in the  
current data that he has noted in the past and posited that the US is  
and will continue to be a world leader in consumer broadband. He also  
reiterated the importance of a hands-off approach when it comes to the  
regulation of broadband services. In addition to broadband data  
issues, Commissioner McDowell also addressed questions regarding the  
FCC's recent order in response to its investigation of Comcast's  
network discrimination practices. McDowell expressed his displeasure  
with the decision, stating that the FCC is essentially "enforcing  
rules we don't have." He briefly explained the regulatory history of  
broadband services -- which have been deemed to be deregulated  
services as opposed to Title II regulated services - and stated that:  
"In this decision we explicitly foisted upon broadband services Title  
II regulation...this is the fatal flaw in the decision." McDowell  
predicted that the order "will be shot down on appeal."


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