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[ NNSquad ] Moderation policies on this list moving forward

OK boys and girls.  Listen now and listen well.  We are dealing with
critical issues here.  We don't have time for childish crap.  Robb
has been driven off the list and I'll do my best to get him back.  

I have in the past avoided sending out some of the more outrageous
messages that I receive in the input queue, due to a perhaps
misguided desire to protect certain people from themselves.  That
policy no longer applies.  Submit bizarre or outrageous material,
and if I feel that it usefully illuminates the mental states of
significant players in this drama I will feel free to send it out.

Not referring to anyone in particular, I won't ban people from the
list merely for being obnoxious and/or infantile in their
communications.  All points of view will be respected.  Threats
perceived as serious will henceforth be reported to the appropriate
authorities, whether received in list mail or private mail.  I will
no longer tolerate from *anyone* antics that are even unacceptable at
kindergarten.  Please don't make me angry.  As a famous character
has said, you won't like me when I'm angry.

And if you thought that my moderation policy was tough before, baby
you ain't seen anything yet.  

I do all this because I care about the issues.  I don't make any
money from keeping this project going -- exactly the opposite to my
own serious financial detriment.  But these issues will impact the
future of the Internet and ultimately in one way or another everyone
on this planet, and we need to all treat them with the gravitas that
they deserve.

I hope that you had a pleasant Labor Day holiday.  Mine has been
just *loads* of fun today.

NNSquad Moderator