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[ NNSquad ] Re: Peering dispute cuts off Sprint<->Cogent Internet traffic

A disturbance in The Force! Ironically, the most common reason why
carriers have attempted to sever peering relationships with Cogent
is that they don't like Cogent's pricing; in other words, Cogent
is bucking the other carriers' cartel-style pricing strategies. See


Now, if only Cogent could also buck the big guys' policy of redlining
and refusing to serve rural areas -- such as Level3's redlining of

--Brett Glass

At 12:45 PM 10/31/2008, Lauren Weinstein wrote:
>As reported by our regional high school, name changed to protect the 
>innocent.  By the way, this impedes students ability to get course 
>information and complete homework assignments over the weekend.  Talk 
>about the digital divide!  A hole or rip in the Internet - sounds like a 
>Star Trek(tm) plot device.
>As many news organizations are now reporting, Sprint-Nextel (Embarq) has 
>decided to sever its Internet connection with Cogent, another Internet 
>service provider.