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[ NNSquad ] Film Studios Now Reaching Their "Napster Moment"

NYTimes: Film Studios Now Reaching Their "Napster Moment"


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I will note that this of course was inevitable, exact timing 
determined by available bandwidth and the relative difference in size
between audio and video content.

My assertion is that, like it or not, such situations represent a sea
change that will inevitably alter the very meaning of intellectual

The only aspect of audio and video materials that temporarily protected
them from mass piracy were the cost of duplication and distribution (in
either commercial or noncommercial contexts).  With these restrictions
lifted by technological progress, the results become obvious.

Really, the major question left to be answered is the exact means and
extent to which intellectual property owners are able to effectively
monetize their materials in this new environment.  

But no return to the "good old days" is possible, short of shutting
down the Internet.

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