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[ NNSquad ] Re: Medina proposal abandoned in Europe

Stefano Quintarelli schrieb:
> http://www.ecrans.fr/Europe-Le-rapport-pro-riposte,6438.html
> fresh news.
> The Medina proposal included the "graduated response" (aka 3 strikes),
> filtering and responsibilities for ISPs.
> the proposal has been deferred "sine die"; most likely never, as sources
> familiar with the matter say.

I got this message on the Open Net Coalition[1] list with approval for


I have received confirmation (there had been rumours for the last day or
two) that the Legal Affairs Committee has definitively abandoned the
Medina Ortega report on copyright.

Officially, the report has been simply removed from the agenda, but in
the understanding that it will not reappear.

The reason given by the Socialist Group (the group of Medina Ortega) was
that they did not want a "war" of competing resolutions. It seems
reasonable to assume that this means that they expected their proposal
to be defeated by other planned alternative resolutions.

As the "experts" in copyright, it is a significant blow for the Legal
Affairs Committee which, I imagine, will not be grateful to the lobbying
interests that pushed them towards adopting a text that was so
controversial that it had to be abandoned before the plenary vote.

This success was the result of excellent cooperation between various
organisations such as Euroispa, the European Libraries Bureau, the
Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, the European Consumers Bureau and others.

Innocenzo Genna (director AIIP and Euroispa)


[1] <http://www.co-ment.net/text/711/>