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[ NNSquad ] Re: nnsquad Digest, Vol 3, Issue 32

And now from a human being.



Europe: the pro-graduated-response report is discarded

par Astrid Girardeau

tags: Europe, graduated response

Last January 20, in Brussels, the commission on legal affairs voted on a
text particularly promoting graduated response and online content
filtering, and heightening the responsibility of ISPs (see our news item
[http://www.ecrans.fr/Manoeuvres-europeennes-pour,6238.html]).  This
report, called the Medina Report because it was proposed by the Spanish
Socialist deputy Manuel Medina Ortega, isn't dead, but it is no longer on
the table.

In total contradiction of Amendment 138 of the Telecom Package submitted by
Eurodeputies Guy Bono, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and Zuzana Roithova, voting on
the text received enormous attention in the media, and a bristling response
even from certain Socialists who had emphasized the absence of logic
between the texts.  All this is in the context of the European elections.

Since being scheduled for the plenary session of the second week of
February, then pushed into March, the report, we learn, is no longer in
consideration.  According to our sources, Manuel Medina Ortega himself
informed Jacques Toubon that the report had been postponed "sine die".
That means that it could reappear in September, or in three years, or