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[ NNSquad ] Re: An unusual denial of service attack

At 11:01 AM 5/6/2009, David Berry wrote:

As was recently highlighted in this forum, networks should be designed
around peak usage.  Imagine AT&T whining in a tone similar to the one
Brett has struck about all the "abusers" of the system calling home to
mom on Mother's Day.  (Pay attention, because this will be the
metaphore for the remainder of my message.)

This is an inappropriate metaphor. AT&T's users pay by the minute. Our customers do not (at least not at the moment) pay by the byte. If we were to bill by the byte, at the cost to deliver a byte at pake usage, Internet usage would be extremely expensive.

Why are the users at fault for his inadequate network?

My network is in no way inadequate, and in fact can handle loads far greater than what we saw. However, the upstream capacity which I can buy and still charge reasonable prices to users is limited by simple economics.

Because they
love their mothers too much for a cynical codger at the helm of it
all.  I truly pity Mr. Glass' customer base.

I truly pity anyone without enough intelligence to understand simple arithmetic.

What Mr. Glass is guilty of is far worse than any of these: hypocrisy. Even as he discriminates against the traffic on his own network,

I do not do any such thing. I take action only against abuse.

he bemoans the discrimination given to him by his providers.

Akamai is not my provider. However, it is acting to harm competition -- the one situation in which government regulation IS warranted.

Worse yet, he blames his users for every
trouble his short-sightedness engenders.  (Does he realize that
Automatic Windows Updates is an option that people are PROMPTED to
enable, and do so by choice?

Microsoft Windows nags them ad infinitum until they permit those updates. Some choice!

I wonder how many of his customers have the benefit of seeing the
kinds of things he has to say about them.

I have only good things to say about my customers, and vice versa. It is only abusers of the network -- who rarely remain my customers for long because I will not let them abuse it -- who are troublesome. As well as obnoxious "armchair quarterbacks" such as yourself, who are not in the business but want to run it for us.

--Brett Glass

  [ I now see what my errors were in this situation.  I should never
    have taken it upon myself to forward an IP list message from
    Brett that I thought had merit over to this list.  Silly me.  Nor
    should have I been willing to send out a retort to that message
    from someone who -- while emotional in a manner not unknown
    on this list -- was disagreeing with Brett.  Double whammy.

    It *is* interesting that while basic telephone service has been
    moving toward flat rate plans for "unlimited" local and long
    distance service, the big ISPs have been trying to move toward a
    measured model, at both the retail and wholesale level.

As for Microsoft Update -- I agree, turning it off is not an option
for most people, and whenever it is off Windows will mercilessly
attempt to scare you into turning it back on at every possible
opportunity. So calling Microsoft Update a "choice" is really
only true in a mostly academic sense.
Finally... I'd like to thank Brett for the voicemail message.
I'll treasure it always, even though according to a recent
Supreme Court decision it could generate a significant fine if
broadcast during the day.

       -- Lauren Weinstein
          NNSquad Moderator ]