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[ NNSquad ] NNSquad list policy change


In the several decades that I've been running ARPANET and Internet
mailing lists, I've never had to ban anyone nor any relevant topic
from such lists.

Today that changes.  In light of private e-mail and voicemail I've
received today from Brett Glass, and associated safety concerns, I
will no longer -- until further notice -- forward any message to this
list from, to, about, regarding, or otherwise related to Brett,
regardless of whether they are critical, supportive, neutral,
antagonistic, explanatory, or whatever.

I invite any interested observers to examine the detailed archives of
this list to determine for themselves whether or not I've provided a
reasonably fair forum for all points of view, including Brett's, since
the list's inception.

I suspect -- judging from past comments I've received -- that this
action will make some readers of the list quite happy.  It shouldn't.
This is not something that should be necessary, and I've been avoiding
this as long as possible.  But even I have to draw the line somewhere,
and that line was crossed today.

That's all I'm going to say about this here.

Thanks as always.

NNSquad Moderator