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[ NNSquad ] NYTimes Op-Ed: "Lost in the Cloud"

The New York Times
July 20, 2009
Op-Ed Contributor
Lost in the Cloud

Cambridge, Mass.

EARLIER this month Google announced a new operating system called
Chrome. It's meant to transform personal computers and handheld
devices into single-purpose windows to the Web. This is part of a
larger trend: Chrome moves us further away from running code and
storing our information on our own PCs toward doing everything online
- also known as in "the cloud" - using whatever device is at hand.

Many people consider this development to be as sensible and inevitable
as the move from answering machines to voicemail. With your stuff in
the cloud, it's not a catastrophe to lose your laptop, any more than
losing your glasses would permanently destroy your vision. In
addition, as more and more of our information is gathered from and
shared with others - through Facebook, MySpace or Twitter - having it
all online can make a lot of sense.

The cloud, however, comes with real dangers.

(continued ...)