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[ NNSquad ] Re: nnsquad Digest, Vol 3, Issue 184

The comments on "L.A. Times Biz Section/Lazarus: "We can't be neutral on net neutrali" show how easily we can turn an interesting conversation into a total mess, by quoting in full some or all of the posts that came before it. I totally lost the thread by the time I got halfway down.

This happens a lot here, too. I'd be grateful if folks could cut quoting to just the relevant snippet.


     [ Yes, when possible, let's at least start trying to avoid the
	practice of including *multiple* long replied-to messages that
	seem to nest inward halfway across the screen.  Specific
	quoted text is even better.  After all, uh, we don't want to
	unnecessarily use up anybody's usage/bandwidth allocations,

         -- Lauren Weinstein
            NNSquad Moderator ]