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[ NNSquad ] More on FiOS AUP and "off-topic postings"

One additional note on the topic of the FiOS AUP's new prohibition on
off-topic postings.  One reader suggested that this was just another
way of prohibiting the posting of spam, particularly links to spam.

This is of course a strong possibility, but this kind of wording
is a real sore point for me.

The FiOS AUP specifically prohibits spamming.  That prohibition should
be sufficient to cover the sending of spam in all of its forms,
including link spam on any sites.

By prohibiting the posting of "off-topic" material without
qualifications that this applies to spam, the door is opened for much
broader application of the directive based solely on Verizon's
discretion at any given time.

I'm reminded somewhat of laws still on the books in various
jurisdictions against common sexual practices, which are supposedly
only there to be used as "enhancements" in the case of serious sex
crimes, but occasionally are trotted out standalone by overzealous

Usage restrictions by ISPs should be worded in the least expansive
manners possible, specifically to limit potential collateral abuse of
such prohibitions beyond the theoretically intended scope of those

NNSquad Moderator