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[ NNSquad ] Verizon FiOS to police off-topic postings?

Verizon FiOS to police off-topic postings?

Slashdot notes an "interesting" (indeed!) change made yesterday to the
FiOS Acceptable Use Policy, prohibiting "post[ing] off-topic
information on message boards, chat rooms or social networking sites."

Say what?  Is this a case of a Verizon lawyer with too much time on
his or her hands?  Or does Verizon now intend to police, prosecute,
terminate, or otherwise flog and punish users for "irrelevance" in
postings that users make on sites completely unaffiliated with

Verizon appears to have elevated simple "off-topic" postings (whatever
that really means!) to the same level as DDoS attacks, Trojans, spam,
and libel.

Exactly who is going to determine which "offenders" rise to a level
suitable for Verizon to slam down the AUP hammer?  Or maybe it's
really an excuse to provide a new conduit for providing users' IP
address information to sites that are upset about particular postings?

ISPs should be delivering bits, not playing "off-topic" content cop

http://bit.ly/6LScLw  (Slashdot)

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