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[ NNSquad ] Try Blocking These Ads!

Greetings.  Since we were talking about advertisements -- ads people
like, ads people hate, ads people welcome, ads people block, I thought
you might find this newly launched site of interest and amusement:

Vintage Ad Browser ( http://bit.ly/5rhJg9 )

The site offers searchable images of more than 100K vintage ads,
some reaching back almost 200 years!

Be warned: It's both fascinating and potentially time consuming,
unless your self-control is well tuned.  There are more than a few
lessons in how to design compelling ads within this massive corpus.

Vintage Ad Browser is apparently a spinoff from the several years

Cover Browser ( http://bit.ly/4L73gF )

which itself features almost half a million covers from comics, books,
and other materials, and can be equally addicting.

Yes, ads -- like comics -- *can* be fun.

NNSquad Moderator