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[ NNSquad ] NYTimes: Google Chrome and Ad-Blocking Extensions

NYTimes: Google Chrome and Ad-Blocking Extensions

http://bit.ly/81p2b9  (New York Times)

You may recall my blog items:

The Hard-Core Web Ad Haters Strike Back! (11/29/09)

or perhaps even:

Blocking Web Ads -- And Paying the Piper (9/3/07)

which both have some relevance to this topic.

Fundamentally, there's a wide continuum between people who don't mind
any ads and those who hate all ads.

An important issue for Web services dependent on ad revenue would seem
to be making sure that their advertising is reasonably unobnoxious and
sufficiently relevant to individual Internet users who make up what's
almost certainly the broadest band between those two extremes -- a
delicate balancing act to be sure.

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