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[ NNSquad ] Re: ATT tells FCC it wants to ditch land-line services -- let's assist them!

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 17:52:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Jim Pickrell <jimp@brandx.net>
Subject: Re: [OIA] [ NNSquad ] ATT tells FCC it wants to ditch           
	land-line services -- let's assist them!


When Verizon pulls out copper it's not for some technical reason, it's
because they are forced to share copper, and if they leave it in place,
someone else would use it.  (That's us, we're in the internet business.)

The purpose of pulling out this copper is strictly anticompetitive.  There
is no other reason to pull out this copper.  The recycling value of the
wire is less than the cost of disconnecting it.

Beyond that...

In Paris 20 megabit dsl is commonplace, comes with 200 channels of free
cable tv and worldwide free phone service, and costs 29 euros a month.  If
you can read french check out the ads on http://www.free.fr.  It's for
real, it's very popular, and I've used it and it totally works.  This is
delivered over copper.

When Verizon pulls out the copper, it's to prevent anyone from ever
setting up a service like this in the US.

Granted they've also locked us out of the Central Offices, and you need
that too to make wire access useful.

But it would be a great benefit to competition if they were prevented from
uprooting good copper wire just to keep anyone else from providing

Here at Brand X Internet, if we could get access to those wires we'd love
to provide this kind of service in this country.  The technology is there,
it's just the FCC that is preventing this happening.

Jim Pickrell
Brand X Internet