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[ NNSquad ] Re: Comcast removes key VCR-compatibility feature from cable boxes (or pay $20 extra!)

We accept the charge for each STB and would've accepted the charge for each PC too except that the NAT prevented the CableCos from seeing each PC. How long will we be paying for each STB rather than paying by measures such as concurrent streams (3 for HBOGo, for example)?


Rationality? Because they can? Isn’t that a sufficient reason?


I’ve started to experiment with putting a MOCA (Ethernet over Coax) adapter by the TV (though I could use 802.11 or Ethernet too) so I can put a small PC next to the TV with hopes of replacing the STBs with small PCs without putting in additional wiring. How soon before the rest follow HBO’s lead and become available over IP mooting the idea of being tied to the television grid? A PC is many times the power of the STB and you own it. Current price is for the Atom-based PC $200 but that is likely to continue to go down. And then we can experiment with new ideas and possibilities.


Remember that Comcast/NBCU would reach a larger audience and save money by removing its dependence upon having to have a cable in order to reach subscribers. Stay tuned …


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Comcast removes key VCR-compatibility feature from cable boxes (or pay

$20 extra!)


http://bit.ly/avDSWQ  (Slashdot)


This story is a bit confusing, and I'd appreciate any in-the-know

Comcast subs clarifying it.


Reportedly, the previous version of Comcast STB software allowed

flexible scheduling of channel changes for VCR recordings (yes, there

are still *lots* of people who use VCRs!)


But this subscriber says that the capability of scheduling changes

"more than a few hours in advance" has been removed unless the sub

orders DVR service (at $20/mo?) -- in which case they're far less

likely to be using VCRs also.


I've seen rate cards showing Comcast charging $20/mo for each

additional DVR STB (which seems too high on its face), but do

they charge $20/mo for an initial DVR as well?


And what possible rationale would there be for removing a flexible

channel-changing feature, other than to try push people who didn't

really want a DVR into paying a higher monthly fee including

DVR service?



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