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[ NNSquad ] Facebook's new push triggers even more privacy questions

Facebook's new push triggers even more privacy questions

http://bit.ly/cbQ1Q4  (Search Engine Land)

I have a Facebook account.  I don't use it.  Basically the only
information I'm willing to share with Facebook is my password for
accessing Facebook.  And the only reason I do that is because, uh,
well, I couldn't log in without it.  Which I rarely bother to do.
(Which reminds me, if you've ever tried to "Friend" me on Facebook,
don't hold your breath for a response -- I routinely ignore everything
Facebook sends out.)

The reason is simple and basic.  I have a fundamental distrust of
Facebook's "core values" related to privacy.  At every stage, they've
attempted to manipulate rather than treat these issues in an honestly
straightforward manner.

That's why when it comes to entrusting someone in the Cloud with any
privacy-sensitive data, I'll take Eric Schmidt over Mark Zuckerberg
any day.

NNSquad Moderator