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[ NNSquad ] Emanuel Haldeman-Julius' "Little Blue Books" as a Net Neutrality (and Privacy) Parable?

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius' "Little Blue Books" as Net Neutrality 
(and Privacy) Parable?

A reader just pointed me at this excellent write-up about a 1920s-era
publisher -- now nearly forgotten and perhaps unknown to most of 
you -- whose efforts can be interpreted as eerily presaging the sorts of
battles that are likely in our future if ISPs are permitted to become
the largely unregulated arbiters of Internet priorities and content,
particularly when "sensitive" or unpopular contents are involved.

Very much worth reading -- and pondering.

"The Henry Ford of Literature":

http://bit.ly/bHKrsK  (Believer)

A much less flattering -- and arguably negatively biased
(concentrating on his Socialist connections) -- very short Wikipedia
entry on Haldeman-Julius' is here:

http://bit.ly/cuAfQq  (Wikipedia)

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