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[ NNSquad ] Predicting a black market in IPv4 addresses

Predicting a black market in IPv4 addresses

http://bit.ly/bqe66X  (Infoworld)

One line in this interesting article on IPv4 depletion especially
attracted my attention:

   " ... predict that many new servers will be IPv6-exclusive, gradually
         isolating IPv4-only Internet users."

As rapid as practicable a migration to IPv6 is obviously necessary and
to be strongly encouraged.  But I have a hunch that resourceful users
will employ various cooperative techniques to avoid being
significantly stranded on Gilligan's IPv4 Island, at least in the
short term.  So my suspicion is that the problem of IPv6-only 
servers -- at least in terms of services that most IPv4 users are 
interested in accessing, will be minimized via such methods for 
a significant period of time.

NNSquad Moderator