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[ NNSquad ] Re: Predicting a black market in IPv4 addresses

Whether the market is white or black, let's guess that the retail price of an IPv4 address will increase from $1/month to roughly $10/month. That isn't a lot of money, considering that you can run a fairly large service on one address using load balancers.

    " ... predict that many new servers will be IPv6-exclusive, gradually
          isolating IPv4-only Internet users."

I predict that this will *not* happen. All public-facing services will have IPv4; it's the "clients" who will be on IPv6 + DS-Lite. It's not that bad of a scenario, since mostly everything will mostly work.

(Broadband providers swear that they wouldn't take IPv4 addresses away from residential customers and sell those addresses to hosting customers, but I'll believe that when I don't see it.)

Wes Felter