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[ NNSquad ] Electrical Analogy for Peak-Demand Pricing

In addition to all the proposed new schemes for "time-of-day" pricing and the like, we do have actual experience with "peak-shaving" pricing in the electricity world. Large industrial firms that explicitly promise to allow themselves to be "browned out" (service cut back) in peak demand periods get a lower rate. I get a lower rate because I allowed my electrical provider to install and operate a device that will cut back my air conditioning during peak demand periods.

So one could imagine a rough analogy to static and dynamic IP addresses. Perhaps, as with IP addresses, the default is a the "brown-out" rate (throttled when and if the network is congested). The difference I would urge is that the details be as spelled out in advance as feasible, so end-users could begin to adopt use patterns that would help reduce instances of congestion -- ie, do heavy downloading or uploading at unusual times, etc.

Those who wanted the standard "consumer electrical" deal (i.e., "best effort at all times, regardless of peak") could get it, just as those who need a static IP can do so.
Rollie Cole
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