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[ NNSquad ] Yes, opt-out from Spokeo *does* work

A number of persons have been complaining that they can't seem
to make the Spokeo opt-out work --

(Ref: Privacy Alert: Delete yourself from "Spokeo" -- DO IT NOW!
 http://www.nnsquad.org/archives/nnsquad/msg03637.html )

It does work.

But note the following.  You may see a repeating captcha request.  If
you're entering it correctly (and perhaps also if you're accepting
their sequencing cookie -- that may be required) just look for a note
about a confirmation e-mail being sent, and click on the link in that
e-mail to complete the process.  (And remember, you don't have to give
them your main e-mail address -- just create a "dummy" e-mail address
for the purpose of the confirmation if you wish.)  Obviously, you'll
also want to make sure that any spam blocker won't block that
confirmation e-mail.

As long as you eventually receive the confirmation e-mail and click on
the included confirmation link -- and then see the resulting
confirmation page, you should be cool with the deletion -- at least as
far as Spokeo is concerned.  For right now, anyway.

NNSquad Moderator