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[ NNSquad ] Re: 4G -- reality vs. hype

What is striking is the lack of actual numbers for "4G".  You got lots of
noise about Wi-Max vs. LTE as if anyone should care about that stuff. What
we should care about is consumer-oriented measures like speed, availability,
density, business model, price, battery life or whatever. Not alphabet soup.
At one presentation I attended it was unclear if the 4G network was suitable
to voice services. 

Perhaps the most important question is whether we will 4G silos like the 3G
silos that put the kibosh on the idea of unlocked phones. Sure you can take
a 3G and unlock it and, in the use, you don't get 3G on other carriers.
So we have lots and lots of noise and thunder and lightning but little

Far more interesting is the implications of "TV Everywhere" and "over the
top" with content splitting from the physical cable. That has far more
profound implications that 4G fiefdoms. If cable companies make more money
by not limiting themselves to their private pipes when will they split off
the pipe business? And if the pipes are available as public infrastructure
readily accessible from a myriad of access/transit points then 4G as a
cellular offering is moot.

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4G -- reality vs. hype

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